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South Bank Primary Cultural Capital & Aspiration Curriculums

What does Cultural Capital mean at South Bank Primary?

Every child and family who joins our setting will have their own knowledge and experiences that will link to their culture and wider family. This might include: languages, beliefs, traditions, cultural and family heritage, interests, travel and work.


Cultural capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a child can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients a pupil will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work.


Gradually widening children’s experiences as they progress through school is an important step in providing rich and engaging learning across the curriculum. We plan carefully for children to have progressively richer experiences in nursery and beyond. These include trips to the local park, shops and visits to places of worship, museums, sports and theatre venues just to name a few. 


Raising the aspirations and expectations of the pupils, encouraging them to think from an early age about what their future may look like and how to achieve this supports children at South Bank Primary to think about their next steps in learning and beyond.


Research from Education and Employers found that employer engagement in education helps to raise their aspirations, improve academic attainment and increase confidence.

Immersing Children In The World Around Them

Energy Show- SPARK

Over the course of the two-hour interactive science workshop, the children learned all about opportunities in our local area in the renewable energy sector and they even became Energy Engineers making critical decisions on where to build a wind farm before constructing their own working model. The children demonstrated amazing teamwork skills as well as their ability to solve mathematical problems and manage their finances as wind farm engineers.


The children also participated in a Hydrogen Grand Prix, with children setting up their own hydrogen-powered car and learning all about electrolysis to separate the hydrogen from distilled water to power the car!

World of Work- AV Dawson

Children within Year 5 went to AV Dawson's headquarters at the Port of Middlesbrough to complete a workshop on 'World of Work' within Tees Valley. The children looked at companies based in the area and developed their understanding of what the different companies do and the roles they have. 


They then practiced and developed their understanding of block coding to locate where these businesses are on a map of Tees Valley.

National Apprentice Week- Intelect

The children from Year 5 spent a morning at Intelect. The children observed 3D scanners, metal presses, grinders and laser cutters in action. They were provided with PPE and worked with different tools and a basic control panel. Once they had explored Intelect, they listened to the other roles available in the engineering industry.