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Our Science curriculum

At South Bank Primary School, we aim to teach our children to ‘think like scientists’. Our curriculum is based on investigation and discovery. Through enquiries, children learn to ask questions, design tests, measure outcomes and make conclusions about all areas of science.


These skills are the structure we use to explore the world around us. Each phase in school studies a progression of biology, chemistry and physics, including the following main themes.

Foundation Stage

Children explore plants and animals, as well as natural and man-made objects. They find similarities and differences within places, objects, materials and living things.


Key Stage 1

Children learn about living things and their habitats, including plants, animals and humans. They study seasonal change and explore the materials which make up our world.

Lower Key Stage 2

Children expand their understanding of living things by classifying them and studying them in closer detail, including exploring digestion and the skeletal systems. They investigate states of matter, light and sound, as well as rocks, magnets and electricity.

Upper Key Stage 2

Children in our final years consolidate and expand their science understanding so far, specifically with electricity, classification, life cycles and light. Additionally, they study space, forces, evolution and the circulatory system.