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Religious Education

At South Bank Primary School we feel that giving children a good Religious Education is essential in children’s development. Our aim is to teach children in a creative and stimulating manner, enhancing pupils’ awareness and understanding of religions and beliefs.


R.E is more than just imparting knowledge of different religions – a good religious education gives children an understanding of the importance of respect, understanding diverse societies and teaching values that are essential in the development of young children. ​


As a school we celebrate lots of different religious festivals throughout the year. They include: Easter, Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adha, Chinese New Year and many more…

In the upcoming weeks we will have a religious festivals calendar attached so that you are able to see what your child might be learning about in RE lessons at school.

During our Autumn term we took part in Interfaith Week. Each class chose a different faith to research. The week focused on bringing people together, to help impro


ve understanding of different faiths and share what we all have in common. Some of the faiths that we explored were: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The children shared what they had learnt in a whole school assembly. You will find some pictures below…

Below is a curriculum outline of what your child will be learning about in their RE lessons. They are set out in different key stages.