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Our 3 year old nursery

Meet the Team...


Teacher: Mrs Pfupa

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Boocock

Mrs Sturdy

Mrs Aslam

Mrs Howe



Happy New year to all our children and families. Welcome to the Spring term, this is a short term but it will be jam packed with wonderful learning opportunities for our children. This term we will be looking closely at the seasons as we move from Winter through to Spring.



Autumn term Learning

Look back on some of our highlights from last term...

Group Times

In Nursery we have daily group times where the children  participate in a session with a focus on early reading, phonics and Maths.


This term in phonics, children in Nursery will be looking at alliteration and hearing sounds at the beginning of words including their own names. Children will also be learning to orally blend words together through lots of practical games and activities. Oral blending is when children are able to put sounds together to make a word.

For example saying the sounds c-a-t children will be able to hear the word cat.


A simple activity to practise this at home would be to sing 'Old Macdonald had a Farm' instead of saying the animals names, say the sounds and see if your child can identify the animals.










In Maths this term we will be:

  • Practising counting objects 1:1 to 5
  • Continue to look at shapes and identify everyday shapes in the environment
  • Sing counting songs that add more
  • Use language such as more/less/fewer etc.


Children love listening to stories in Nursery. Lots of our children can talk about their favourite stories and can often re-tell these stories independently and to their peers. Sharing stories with your child at home is so important. It not only helps develop their communication and language skills but it also builds the foundation for them to become successful readers as they progress through school. 


Children are now able to take a library book home each Wednesday. This must be returned to school the following Wednesday in order for a new one to be given. Books will only be changed on a Wednesday.

 In the moment...

The majority of our day is spent 'getting busy' this is when the children have the freedom to free flow inside and out, accessing a wide range of areas and quality resources. Adults support and interact with your children through their play and move their learning on 'in the moment.' 

General Information...


Toileting and Toilet Training

Toilets are accessible within our Nursery and 2 year old room. Children that are toilet trained can access these independently.

As parents, you will have the best idea of when your child is ready for toilet training. When the time is right, please come in and talk to us and we can work out a plan together. If a member of staff recognises clear signs of a child being ready, we will speak to you about putting a plan in place. We aim for all children to be toilet trained before moving in to our 3 year old nursery. If you have any concerns about toileting, please come and see us.



There is no requirement to wear the school uniform, however many children do, it is entirely your decision. Please dress your child in comfortable and appropriate clothing as you can appreciate it can get rather messy! We recommend items such as joggers, leggings, t-shirts and sweat shirts. We have access to an outdoor area where we will aim to get out whatever the weather so having some wellies to keep at school will also be a good plan.


For health and safety reasons please ensure children wear stud earrings only for school.