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Bellatrix (Year 5)

Welcome to Bellatrix!

Teacher: Mr Curtis

Teaching Assistants: Mrs King & Miss McConnell



Contact number: 01642 453451

Please be aware staff may contact outside of teaching hours.


Welcome to Bellatrix class page where we will share all our wonderful learning and achievements with you. 


Our Learning

Below is a snapshot of some of the learning Bellatrix have completed during year 5.

English - This term, Bellatrix will firstly be writing their own setting description based on a cottage in the woods, were we will explore similes, metaphors and how to build tension within our writing. We will then move on to write a letter from the point of view Hansel from the story 'Hansel and Gretel'. Finally we will write a persuasive leaflet to encourage others to visit The Rocky Mountains.


Throughout the year we will continue to use Lexia, Reading plus and Accelerated reader to develop and support our reading and fluency skills. We will also be encouraging our children to 'read for pleasure' to support this we will have a weekly session in the school library for children to explore a variety of different texts and choose a book to take home to share, remember to bring your book back to school to change each week.


Maths - This term, we will be developing our multiplication and division skills and apply these skills to be able to solve multi-step problems. We will also continue our work on fractions and look at multiplying fractions.


Throughout the year, children will use Times Table Rockstar's to continue to develop their times table knowledge. Children would greatly benefit if they continue to practice their times tables at home


Science - This term, children will learn about the life cycle of different living things, e.g. Mammal, amphibian, insects, birds and learn about process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Children will learn that animals mature at different rates and live to different ages and will also learn about puberty.


PE - This term, we will be focusing on gymnastics and looking and counter balance. We will also be developing our netball skills. 


History - This term our history topic is about the ancient Mayans and we will be delving into the past and learning all about ancient Maya and comparing this civilisation to previously studied civilisations.


Geography - This term, children will learn about geography over time. They will look at the human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water for reasons for the development of such settlements. They will learn about geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in a European country, eg; Paris and a region within North or South America (USA, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador)


Music - This term, we will continue to practice our ukulele skills.


DT - We will look learn how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed to make them safe and palatable/tasty to eat. They will select appropriate ingredients and use a wide range of techniques to combine them. (eg stew) They will also learn how to use a range of tools safely and learn about hygiene procedures.


Art - They will look closely at Claude Monet's series of water lily paintings, Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers and Georgia O'Keeffe’s close-up, or large-scale flower painting and use these as inspiration for their own work.


French - We will continue to develop our French skills as we learn how to identify and say larger numbers in French. We will also look at French speaking countries around the world and be able to identify some of these.


PSHE - During PSHE the children will share their dreams and goals and how they might need money to help them achieve them. They consider jobs that people they know do, they look at the fact that some jobs pay more money than others and reflect on what types of jobs they might like to do when they are older. The children look as the similarities and differences between themselves (and their dreams and goals) and someone from a different culture


RE -  In RE, we will understand that people travel to certain places on a pilgrimage for different reasons. We will also understand what happened at the Last Supper and understand how Jesus prepared his friends for his death and showed them how they could think about him frequently.


We Are A Rights Respecting School

In our school we explore our rights across all areas of our school through our learning and social times. We make links in our lessons and explain why or how they relate to a certain right.

We also have a ‘Right of the Half Term’. This is where we dedicate time in our week to explore a specific right in detail. This half term, our focus is Article 28 – right to an education.

Important Information & Reminders

  • PE will take place on a Monday. Children are now provided with their own PE kit but can children please ensure they attend school in appropriate footwear on PE days. 
  • Kidz Konnekt will take place on a Friday. Please can children dress appropriately for the weather as this will take place outside.
  • Children must wear their school uniform everyday and have a suitable coat for outdoor play. Please ensure you write your child's name inside their uniform, including coats and jumpers.