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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club


It is important for pupils to start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Evidence shows that providing a healthy school breakfast at the start of the school day can contribute to improved readiness to learn, increased concentration, and improved wellbeing and behaviour.  


Our breakfast club provides pupils of all ages with a safe and fun place to start their school day. Breakfast Club is open to all pupils and we will do our best to accommodate the needs of your child.   If your child has special needs/disabilities and requires extra support, please discuss your child's needs with either Miss Cooper or Mrs Clarke.


Each morning a nutritious breakfast will be provided and the children will be encouraged to help themselves, sit down, talk together and then clear up their dishes. We serve a choice of nutritious breakfast food including porridge, cereals, wholemeal toast, fruit and fresh juice, water or milk.  Occasionally we will have ‘special’ days when we serve other foodstuffs such as pancakes and croissants and use other spreads.


Staff from the school's SEMHW team are available for children to talk to if they have any worries or concerns.   At the end of the session, we hope that the children will be fed, happy and ready to learn.


Our Breakfast Club is free for all children attending our school from our 2 Year Olds to our Y6s.  Our nursery children are taken into the EYFS classroom whilst the rest of school stays in the hall.  


Doors open - 8am

Breakfast served until - 8.30am

Children taken to class - 8.45am