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Maths Overview

Below are the links for the medium term planning for all year groups:

Word Problems

In KS1 children use WWWW to solve word problems

  • What is the question?
  • What are the numbers?
  • What is the operation?
  • What is the answer?


IN KS2, as questions become more difficult, children use RUCSAC

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Underline and understand the important information.
  • Choose the correct operation and method of working. There may be more than one!
  • Solve the problem. There may be more than one step.
  • Answer the question. Do you need to include units?
  • Check your answer. Can you do the inverse?


Here are some links to fun maths games that will help your child get better at maths.


Times Tables

Bronze – children need to be able to recite the times table forwards and backwards.

Silver – children need to answer questions such as –


Sample Maths Questions
5  6’s9 lots of 660 divided by 6
4 times 67 multiplied by 654 shared by 6
3 groups of 6product of 9 and 6 


Gold – children need to answer word problems involving times tables, such as –

‘The teacher has ordered 24 boxes of cakes for the Year 4 party.

If each box contains 6 cakes, how many cakes has the teacher ordered?’

Please help your child to learn their times tables at home.


Mental and Written Methods

As children learn, the methods they use for working out calculations change.  These can be found in the calculations policy.