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Copernicus (Year 2)


Welcome to Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Dowson 

Maternity Cover: Mrs Lawrenson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Curtis



Contact Number: 01642 453451

Please be aware that contact may be made outside of teaching hours. 

We have an exciting year ahead of us with some great topics to ensure that learning is fun. Our topics include: ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets, Land Ahoy’ and ‘Wriggle and Crawl’. There will be many exciting opportunities throughout the year related to learning including educational visits, sports events, visitors and our favourite… ‘Adventure week’. 

Our Learning

Phonics and Reading

In KS1 there is a focus on Phonics and application of this within their Reading and Writing. The children will be continuing to develop their phonic knowledge through our Phonics scheme ‘Read, Write Inc’. The children are assessed and grouped half termly to closely focus on their current Phonic understanding. Each child is then grouped accordingly and receive bespoke Phonic teaching to their level. Phonics will be taught daily and will help your child to recognise sounds, segment and blend words within reading and write unfamiliar words. Children will then read books linked to their phonic knowledge in order to build fluency and participate in discussions on what they have read.



This term will begin by securing our knowledge and understanding of the Place Value of Punctuation and Grammar. This focuses on identifying and understanding the definition of nouns, verbs and a subject and how we can apply this knowledge to our own writing. The first genre of writing the children will complete is a non-chronological report based on castles. We will focus on applying our knowledge of punctuation and grammar within our writing and learn about regular and irregular plurals.


Throughout the Autumn term, Year 2 will focus on deepening their understanding of numbers to 100. This will include counting in 2s, 3s, 5s from 0 and 10s from a given number, recognising the place value of each digit, comparing and ordering these and solving addition and subtraction problems. The children will use Numbots, TTRockstars and Freckle to support their Mathematical understanding and consolidate taught areas.

Freckle Student Dashboard



This term we will look at the topic 'Materials'. Children will develop their knowledge of materials further by comparing suitability of materials for particular uses. They will use different contexts to explore how and why material use has changed over time and the impact this has had on buildings and in particular castles. They will explore how the shape of solid objects can be and cannot be changed by different processes. Throughout the topic, the children will be encouraged to think scientifically and will participate in a range of scientific enquiry activities, for example, answering the question of 'Which materials will be best to protect Humpty Dumpty when he falls?'.


Creative Learning

Art Children will be using different textiles techniques such as weaving, dyeing and decorating with colour to create pattern. We will explore gluing or stitching to add detail.

DT  Children will use simple mechanisms such as levers, sliders and wheels to build simple structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. We will design and make our very own castle!

Geography - Children will use maps and aerial photographs to locate places and recognise landmarks. We will identify basic human and physical features from the local area.

History - Children will explore castles throughout history, looking at how and why they have changed. We will look at Kings and Queens and compare what is the same and what is different with monarchs such as Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II.

PE - Children will be learning the skills involved with jumping and running, applying these to games and practising the correct technique. 

Music - Children will learn the music curriculum through a new scheme 'Charanga'. The theme for this will be Hands, Feet, Heart' and 'Ho, Ho, Ho’ Children will learn about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch and will sing and play along. We will also have Tees Valley Music specialists coming in each week to work with the children.   

PSHE - Children will focus on the topics 'Being Me in My World' and ‘Celebrating Differences’ The first topic focusses on belonging, rights and responsibilities, rewards and consequences and our choices. The second topic looks at diversity, being unique and making new friends.

RE  In the Autumn term we will look at Christianity and Judaism. The key questions that we will look at within these topics are ‘How and why do Christians care for others?’ ‘How and why is Christmas a festival of light?’ and ‘How and why do Jews celebrate Sukkot?’

Computing The children will participate in their Computing learning through the scheme 'Purple Mash'. They will focus on 'Online safety’ ‘Coding’ and ‘Effective searching’. 


Rights Respecting School

We are on our journey towards achieving the Gold Rights Respecting Award. This half term our focus is on Article 2: Non Discrimination. We will be focusing on the theme 'We are all the same, we are all different'. The children will work on identifying differences and similarities between themselves, their peers and their families. They will recognise that differences are positive and will use their knowledge to explain how they cam support those around them.

Important Information & Reminders

  • If your child brings home a QR code, this is linked to a particular sound that your child needs to practice to help with their phonics.  
  • PE will take place on a Friday. Please can children come to school wearing appropriate footwear. 
  • Reading Books will be changed on a Monday during our library sessionPlease ensure your child brings their book bag to school with their Phonics Reading Book and their Reading for Pleasure book inside. The RWI book will be matched to their Phonic ability and should be reread to build up fluency. Please ensure you write the date on your child's Reading Record as this is when the books will be changed. 
  • Children must wear their school uniform everyday and have a suitable coat for outdoor play. Please ensure you write your child's name inside their uniform, including coats and jumpers.