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Our approach to children's mental health and wellbeing


Early Intervention

As a school we adopt a child centred approach.  Our ethos is to be very proactive as well as re-active We recognise the importance of early intervention; understanding and identifying mental health problems, enabling children to focus on learning whilst giving them the life skills and tools to cope with challenges throughout their lives.


Using therapeutic approaches

We encourage our children to express themselves in different ways through talking, creative work and play.

Our SEMHW team use an integrative therapeutic approach which is backed by research and brings together different strands of therapeutic thinking to support the development of each child.


The SEMHW team is supported by Nick; our mental health nurse, to use practice-led therapeutic approaches when working with children who are experiencing mental health difficulties.  This is backed by research and informed by over 30+ years’ experience working within the mental health discipline.


Integrative support for children and child development

Our SEMHW team uses a combined approach. The support provided to our children brings together different strands of therapeutic thinking to support the development of each child.


  • Person-centred – helping children and family members make the best decisions for themselves
  • Psychoanalytic – exploring how hidden/concealed thoughts, feelings and experiences shape current relationships
  • Systemic – working with children and family members in the context of their relationships and environment


Additional therapeutic approaches that the SEMHW team may also use:

  • Cognitive behavioural – helping children and family members manage problems by changing how they think and behave
  • Solution-focused – helping children and the family work towards finding their own solutions to challenges they face
  • Play therapy – the SEMHW team use different times throughout the school day to observe and gain insights into a child’s problems. The SEMHW team then helps the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Children are support to learn new coping strategies and how to regulate their behaviours through play


Meeting the needs of our children:

The SEMHW team offer for children includes:

  • Wellbeing Ambassadors – child led improvement panel
  • Child voice – Mental Health Nurse acts as an advocate for children in different forums
  • One-to-one support for children
  • Crisis support
  • Drop-in sessions – child led foci
  • Group work with specific foci e.g. confidence, friendship, self-esteem etc.
  • Whole class teaching – focused on social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing, transition (for key points of transition)
  • Advice and consultations with teaching staff about identified children – identifying strategies and support to meet individual need
  • Breakfast club support
  • Every class from Nursery to Y6 over the academic year receive a 10 week block of Yoga sessions led by Kalma Life - making links between physical health and good mental health