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Life Skills

Life Skills at South Bank Primary School

At South Bank Primary, we believe that we have an important role in the personal and social development of our pupils. We recognise that we have a duty to support the development of good health and emotional wellbeing of all our pupils. We encourage the children to develop a greater sense of themselves, their community and the wider world.


We regularly provide children with opportunities to reflect inwardly and share outwardly with their peers, when relevant, in regular circle time. We dedicate specific lessons to life skills, along with learning opportunities of a more cross-curricular nature. Specific projects are undertaken throughout the year to meet the needs of the children.


At South Bank Primary, we follow a scheme of work which is based around six contextual life skills; Self care, Safety, Manners, Enterprise and Careers, Tolerance and Citizenship.


Reflecting the needs of our children we have added a new exciting element to our Life Skills curriculum. Working within our Trust, we are giving our children the opportunities to practice the skills of Working Together, Perseverance, Leadership, Problem Solving and Aspiration.


Our aim is to ensure that South Bank Primary gives pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead healthy, independent lives and to become responsible citizens.