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Stay & Play - Playgroup

Hello and Welcome to Playgroup!

Our playgroup is a reflection of our current EYFS settings, it provides children with a rich and engaging learning environment with enhanced opportunities to explore various messy and sensory play activities. 

Messy and sensory play provides children the freedom to explore, and use their imagination whilst igniting their natural curiosity. Many of our messy and sensory play activities are ‘taste safe’, this encourages children to explore using all their senses leading to multiple learning opportunities.  

Messy and sensory play has many developmental benefits. When participating in messy and sensory play children are developing both their fine and gross motor skills. This strengthens muscles and improves hand eye coordination. Sensory and messy play nurtures and develops communication and language skills, and encourages social development, giving children an opportunity to connect with other children. It also enables children to achieve their play goals together, both verbally and non verbally, and promotes learning to share and take turns with one another. Sensory and messy play also provide the first stepping stones for scientific and mathematical knowledge.


Take a look at some of our sensory experiences

Take a look at some of your messy invitations to play

Together we love to play, learn and grow