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Orion (SB1)

Welcome to Orion Class


Our class is a very special class in which we all focus on our own strengths and on developing the skills that we find tricky.  We have children from Reception upto year 3 in our class and we are fantastic at supporting each other so that we all are able to work together effectively. 

The children in our class love to learn and we make sure that our learning is done in lots of different ways so that everyone is able to access it at an appropriate level.  We are very lucky to have our own outdoor area in which we can develop our learning further.  We love hands on activities and particularly enjoy getting messy!


Foundations for Learning:


In our class we spend a lot of time focusing on developing positive behaviours and in turn positive learning behaviours, ensuring that children are ready to learn and have the skills that they need to learn successfully. 


Another of our main focuses is on the development of speech and language skills.  This may involve developing children's confidence with their speech, supporting children to be able to hold two-way converstaions, supporting pupils to improve their speech sound production or a focus on developing pupils understanding and use of vocabulary. 


The development of gross and fine motor skills is also a key focus for our class.  Gross motor skills are the  skills involving large muscle movements, such as independent sitting, crawling, walking, or running. Fine motor skills involve use of smaller muscles, such as grasping, object manipulation, or drawing.  These are vital skills for children to develop in order to become independent in both their life and their education.





Phonics Screening Check 


The Year 1 phonics screening will take place the first week back after half term 6th – 10th June.

Year 2 children who did not pass the phonic screening in the Autumn term will also be resitting the phonics screening check during this week. 

Your child has made super progress in their reading this year.

Let’s keep them reading this half-term for maximum success in the Phonics Screening Check.

Three things you can do to help:

  • Take a look at the ‘Helping your child with Phonics’ information pack to find out how we teach phonics and what resources we use.
  • Listen to your child read the book bag books sent home and the eBooks that they have been allocated on New login cards have been sent home again before the half term. (Some children may be given ditty sheets instead of books.)
  • Click on the virtual classroom links so that children can practise all of the set two and set three sounds ready for the phonics screening check.

Outdoor Learning in Orion Class