Performance Tables

Every year the Department for Education produces Performance Tables to compare different schools. The data in these tables includes the children in Support Base, who are referred to our units due to their Special Educational Needs. As a result of these they are unlikely to achieve the nationally expected levels. Ofsted recognise that when making comparisons with other schools, the performance of children in Support Units should not be included.
Therefore we have illustrated when the school is in the Performance Tables including the Support Base children, and also where the school would be if only the mainstream children are included.
Detailed analysis of the performance of children, including groups, is in the Results section of this website.
2015 Performance Tables:-
Ofsted provides a "Data Dashboard" to summarise the school's performance. The link to this is below, but please remember that this includes all children, including the Support Base, and national comparisons do not take account of this.
The 2016 data is unvalidated, and is therefore likely to be amended as the year progresses.