Building Update

22nd March 2016
Building Update - 22.3.16
The Local Authority held an update briefing for parents and community members this morning. 
Parents were told that the move back date is now July 2017, which came as no surprise.  Parents were concerned that no work was happening on site and it was explained that until all the agreements were signed they do not have permission to start the demolision work.  Parents were angry, frustrated and felt let down.  They encouraged the local authority to speed the situation up and asked them to consider support from the Secretary of State for Education.  Members of the school's governing body agreed and said that they had already started this process.
Some issues were raised around the safety of the a small number of children as they get off the bus in an evening.  This was around road safety and parental lack of supervision.  A health and safety review of procedures will take place urgently.
Parents were asked their views about how we can attract new families to the school.  It was suggested that we need greater signage on Normanby Road, more advertising and to continue to support each other.  Some parents felt that the biggest issue was the school distance away from the community so the Local Authority asked if it would help if we could relocate the school nursery.  There were mixed views from parents; some saying it may attract new families and others giving a personal view that they did not want the school community to be split up.
A further meeting will be arranged to keep parents informed.
Mrs Hall