Temporary Move

June Update - I am really pleased to be able to inform you we are officially 4 weeks ahead of schedule and we will DEFINITELY be ready to open in September!

There is still a lot of hard work to be done by the builders and school staff but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

Thankyou for your continued support

Mrs Hall


October 16 Update

Work is commencing at some pace since the summer holidays and we are about two weeks ahead of schedule (just in case the weather turns bad!).  As you pass make sure you have a look down and you will see the metal infrastructure is in place and complete, the internal stairs are complete, the block work has started and the floor is being prepared for the under floor heating! 

Brilliant to see the progress week by week.

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work being done by the whole team on making sure everything is ready for the inside to be started too.



January 2016 Update......
Planning permission is currently being sort and there is alot of work going on in the background preparing all the agreements that need to be in place before demolition can start.  Don't worry if it looks like there is nothing happening, this has all been built into the timescale to move us back Spring 2017.  
September 2015 Update......
At the end of last term there was alot to take in with the announcement that building work had been suspended while a long term solution was agreed upon.  This was a shock for us all, parents, staff, community and governors, but we all agreed that we want them to fix the problem and do it as quick as possible.  Parents shared alot of strong feelings and these have been listened to and taken into consideration where possible.
There has been alot of work done over the summer and it is now agreed that the school will be demolished and rebuilt on the same site.  There will now be a period where it will feel like nothing is happening while all the agreements and planning permission are put in place.  This has been built into the timescale to move us back in for March 2017. 


Work continues at some pace on site now—the walls and ceilings have been removed and I believe the concrete floor starts to come out this week!

As mentioned previously the move back date will be Christmas 2015, with the children starting school on the first day back in the Spring Term—everything is still on track!

Solution found to structural issues at South Bank Primary School

A LONG TERM solution to resolve structural problems at South Bank Primary School has been agreed between the School, Redcar & Cleveland Council and PFI contractor Carillion and PFI Manager, Robertson Capital Projects.

There have been on-going problem with the building and the school has been temporarily moved, pupils and teaching staff, to a revamped Teesville Infant School site, while the work to remedy the problem takes place.

The Teesville site, which was vacant, has been offered to South Bank Primary School by the Local Authority as a temporary solution to allow the pupils and teaching staff to stay together while work at the South Bank site is on-going.  The school will stay there for 16 months while the work is complete and will mvoe back ready for the start of the Spring Term 2016.
While we appreciate this will be difficult this will involve the least disruption to the pupils and provide the opportunity to keep all 243 pupils and 50 staff together while work to fix the problem takes place.
The Teesville Infant School site is approximately 1 Km from South Bank Primary so a free bus service for pupils, paid for by the contractor, has been provided and for pupils who choose to walk there is a 'safe route' to the Teesville site, which all children have practiced walking.

(Middlesbrough Gazette, June 14)